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English translation of Volume 1 of the Guardian: Zhen Hun (镇魂) danmei novel by Priest will be out on August 29, 2023.

On August 9, 2023, Seven Seas Entertainment (SSE) — the publisher who’s licensed the series — announced that the novel can be preordered.

Originally scheduled for a May 2023 release, the English translation of the Guardian: Zhen Hun Volume 1 will finally see the light of day in August 2023.

By the by, SSE has licensed another danmei novel by priest, namely Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang (杀破狼). Read more about it here:

Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang Licensed by Seven Seas Danmei

As for the author, SSE describes priest thusly:

“priest is a Chinese danmei author whose works have received critical acclaim and numerous adaptations, including Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang, Guardian: Zhen Hun, and Faraway Wanderers: the inspiration for the recent popular live action drama, Word of Honor.”

Guardian: Zhen Hun Is Published under SSE Danmei Label

SSE is publishing Guardian: Zhen Hun under its danmei label. The title is available in print and digital, priced at US$19.99 per volume.

This BL title is set in a fantasy world and follows Professor Shen Wei and the chief of the Special Investigations Department Zhao Yunlan (Guardian).

The Special Investigations Department is investigating paranormal occurrences in an interesting world called Dragon City, populated with gods, ghosts, and humans. The official SSE synopsis reads:   

“Zhao Yunlan is Chief of the Special Investigations Department: a secret group of uniquely skilled individuals who investigate strange happenings in modern-day Dragon City. Although laid-back and cheeky to those who don’t know him, this tenacious and cunning man fits well into his role of the Guardian.While investigating a mysterious death at a local university, Zhao Yunlan meets Shen Wei, a calm and cold professor who proves as intriguing as the case itself. Something about this reserved man feels strangely familiar. Zhao Yunlan can’t help but notice the intensity of the professor’s gaze, and wonders why their lives begin to intertwine—as if by fate.”

The Guardian: Zhen Hun Web Series

The Guardian: Zhen Hun web starring Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong as Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei, respectively, is available via Amazon Prime Video here. The adaptation pursues an alternative plotline and has a different ending, though.

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