Donghua news Tian Guan Ci Fu Season 2 Mid Autumn Festival 2023

With the TGCF Season 2 fast approaching, Haoliners Animation and BiliBIli are building up the hype. On September 29, 2023, a Heaven Official’s Blessing Mid-Autumn special video was released.

Take a look:


Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 will premiere on October 18, 2023. An advanced fan-viewing event is ongoing in Singapore (Oct.1-Oct.14, 2023).

Heaven Official’s Blessing Basics

The Heaven Official’s Blessing donghua series is inspired by the eponymous novel by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (MXTX). Seven Seas Entertainment is publishing the novel under its Danmei label.

You can read my review of the series here: Heaven Official’s Blessing Donghua: May All Taboos Be Shattered! [Opinion]

The TGCF Season 1 is available here:    

You Should Be Watching: Heaven Official’s Blessing (Tian Guan Ci Fu) 

Enjoy a sneak peek until the long-expected Tian Guan Ci Fu (天官) S2 premieres!


You can see the previous special video here: Heaven Official’s Blessing Second Anniversary Special Video Unveiled

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