Streaming Now: The iQIYI Anime Merry Christmas in Light & Shadow Be My Wife
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The iQIYI Anime YouTube channel is full of surprises!

These days, there is many an activity to keep an eye on. Starting on December 26, 2022, the service is streaming the Merry Christmas in Light & Shadow program, which includes Be My Wife Season 2 (Xie Wang Zhui Qi: Yishi Qingcheng) and Season 3 (Xie Wang Zhui Qi 3: Shen Nu Guilai).

Also known as The Demonic King Chases His Wife (Chinese title: Xie Wang Zhui Qi), the isekai, xianxia donghua centers on a curious budding affair between two mysterious characters, Su Luo and Prince Jin.

Not to spoil the plot, but the title is rather indicative.

Watch The iQIYI Anime Merry Christmas in Light & Shadow program here live:–c

You’ll find more about the Xie Wang Zhui Qi (邪王追妻) here.

By Maja D.

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