Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang Licensed in English

The Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang danmei novel by Priest has been licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment (SSE). Novel volumes will be published under SSE’s Danmei label, which is to say this is a boys love title.

More precisely, Stars of Chaos (杀破狼) is a steampunk, danmei novel with an interesting plot. The plot is set in an alternate version of the Great Liang Dynasty era where the inhabitants of this traditional-ancient China use steam-powered machines on a daily basis.

The two guys who are about to experience a dreamy romance are Gu Yun — commander of the Black Iron Camp — and Chang Geng, a guy who is beginning to unravel his true background.

The novel will be published in two formats: digitally and in large-trim, deluxe paperback editions priced at US$19.99 per volume. Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang Volume 1 will be out on February 21, 2023.

Seven Seas Danmei has licensed another Priests’ danmei novel, namely Guardian: Zhen Hun (镇魂).

The Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang Web Series, Radio Drama, and Possible Donghua in Production

A “Winner is King” promo. ©sha-po-lang.fandom

A Stars of Chaos donghua adaptation has been rumored but there’s literally no information to be found about it. Whether it’s in production remains to be seen, but there’s a Sha Po Lang radio drama. You can get a gist of it here (English subtitles).

There are three Stars of Chaos radio drama seasons, available here (in Chinese):

Similarly to Zhen Hun, Sha Po Lang is about to receive a live-action web series adaptation. The title is “Winner is King” (烽火流金) and it will star Chen ZheYuan and Tan Jianci as Chang Geng and Gu Yun, respectively.

Information is customarily scarce; what is known about this Stars of Chaos adaptation is that it will stream on Tencent but there’s no official premiere date yet.

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