Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Premiere date in 2023
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Exciting news for Tian Guan Ci Fu (天官赐福) fans has emerged recently: Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 premiere date will likely be in the second half of 2023!

This thrilling update was shared during the BiliBili 2023 New Year party by Hu Ya, the Heaven Official’s Blessing donghua series director.  You can see the announcement below (w/o an English translation).

Roughly translated, Hu Ya is saying that “they know fans have high expectations of the Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2.” However, there are certain “complications,” as the production team is animating the clothes frame by frame “in sync with characters’ movements.”

Hu Ya expressed hopes that “they won’t disappoint,” adding:

“We think that it might come out in the second half of next year.”

The tricky part here is that the “next year” may be 2023 or 2024, seeing as the announcement took place during a New Year’s Eve party and BiliBili didn’t announce Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 for 2023 during its annual Made by BiliBili panel.

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Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 key visual
Tian Guan Ci Fu S2 key visual. ©BiliBili/Haoliners Animation League

As for the “frame-by-frame animation,” let’s not forget that Tian Guan Ci Fu follows a number of martial gods — Xie Lian included, not to mention supreme ghost kings!

Obviously, fighting scenes need to deliver as Heaven Official’s Blessing has a cult following.

Just how much thought has been invested in the donghua series is evident after watching the opening credits of season 1!  

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Where Can I Watch Heaven Official’s Blessing?

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 has been pending for almost three years, making fans of this stellar danmei donghua series rather impatient!

While we’re all hoping for the second installment to finally materialize, Tian Guan Ci Fu Season 1 is still out there.

You’ll find a comprehensive list of where to watch this donghua gem here: You Should Be Watching: Heaven Official’s Blessing (Tian Guan Ci Fu) 

Meanwhile, treat your senses with the Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 PV from 2021:

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