To Be Hero X Donghua in Production

The upcoming donghua series To Be Hero X (Tu Bian Yingxiong X) is in production, according to BiliBili. The series is being produced by Paper Plane and Studio LAN.

Note that this title is unrelated to To Be Hero (凸变英雄), the 2016 Chinese-Japanese co-production produced by Studio LAN and Emon and animated by Haoliners Animation League (Heaven Official’s Blessing).

On November 3, a To Be Hero X PV emerged via the BiliBili YouTube channel (see below):

To Be Hero X is animated by Pb Animation Co. Ltd. and Bilibili’s B.Cool Studio.

Studio LAN is a well-established name in the industry, having produced a number of popular donghua series, including L, aINK CLICK, which is scheduled to debut a Season 2 in 2023.

Paper Plane is known for its work on the No Doubt in Us (两不疑, Liang Bu Yi) donghua series (Season 2 is currently ongoing), which you can watch on BiliBili here.

To Be Hero X has got a video featuring what appears to be a key visual, which you can see immediately below:

The trailer PV (let’s call it that for the sake of clarity) features Griff Clawson’s single “New Type of Hero,” but no additional info whatsoever.

Seems we’ll have to keep an eye on the developments, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here’s a synopsis, courtesy of BiliBili:

“This is a world where heroes are created by people’s trust, and the hero who has received the most trust is known as – X. In this world, people’s trust can be calculated by data, and these values will be reflected on everyone’s wrist. As long as enough trust points are obtained, ordinary people can also have superpowers and become superheroes that save the world. However, the ever-changing trust value makes the hero’s path full of unknowns.”

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