The 2023-2024 MADE BY BILIBILI panel was held on September 26, 2023. We’re now left with a couple of donghua series announcements and trailer PVs, which you can see in this post, starting with the most hyped title.

Let’s go!


Namely, LINK CLICK Season 3 has been teased, with the precise premiere season yet to be unveiled. Shiguang Dailiren (時光代理人) previously ran for two seasons (23 episodes in total — 11+12 EPs). LINK CLICK S1 ran from April to July 2021. Shiguang Dailiren S2 ran from July 14 to September 22, 2023.

Here’s the LINK CLICK S3 preview:

Fairies Album Season 4

Fairies Album Season 4 has also been treated to a trailer PV. The Bai Yao Pu (百妖谱) donghua series is based on the eponymous novel by Sha Luo Shuang Shu.

Fairies Album S3 ended on October 3, 2022, and S4 was originally announced during the 2023-2024 BiliBili annual conference, which took place on October 29, 2022. Almost a full year later, the Bai Yao Pu PV1 is finally here. Take a look:

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

A donghua adaptation of the Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (亏成首富从游戏开始, Kui Cheng Shoufu Cong Youxi Kaishi) manhua series has been announced. The series is headed by BiliBili and Yuewen Animation and produced by Foch Film and TV.

Below is the Losing Money to Be a Tycoon trailer PV, followed by the Qidian’s series’ synopsis.

“Best boss ever, prodigy of the business world, genius creator, visionary of the century. These are the descriptions used for Pei Qian, President of Tengda Corporation. Ever since his rebirth, Pei Qian finds himself in possession of a system that rewards him if he manages to lose money. Instantly, a brilliant idea comes to mind — making crappy games!” 

Otherworldly Evil King

Otherworldly Evil King (异界邪君, Feng Ling Tian Xia) just might be the next donghua title to hype. Adapted from the eponymous novel (a.k.a. Otherworldly Evil Monarch) by Fengling Tianxia, the series also has a manhua adaptation. The Feng Ling Tian Xia novel has 5 volumes (1277 Chapters) in China.

Below is the Otherworldly Evil King trailer PV, followed by the Qidian’s series’ synopsis.

“Jun Xie was the number one assassin in modern earth. His skills and knowledge in the field of assassination were unparalleled, his accomplishments unprecedented, his reputation terrified the entire underworld…
However, during a mission to retrieve a mystical treasure, a mishap occurred…He is now Jun Moxie, a sixteen year old super level debauchee, the sole heir to the declining Jun family. A family of valiant heroes, left with an old grandpa, a crippled uncle, and a debauchee as the sole heir! Accepting the world’s criticism and cold stares with a smile, his new journey begins! His life will be carved by his own will! Rise to the top! Evil Monarch Jun Xie!”


A curious title, namely NO.7 WEST MARS ST. (火星西路7号, Huoxing Xi Lu 7 Hao), got treated to a trailer PV, which promises that the donghua series will be as unique as it gets. By the by, it is being produced by BiliBili, Bandai Namco, and Thunder River.

The style is not your usual Chinese animation, so take a look at the NO.7 WEST MARS ST. teaser PV below:


The Roommates (戏精宿舍, Xijing Sushe) manhua by Long Mei is getting a donghua adaptation. The series is being produced by BiliBili NetEase, and Yofox.

Here’s the Roommates teaser PV1:

Mythical Creatures are My Dinners (sic.)

Based on the BiliBIli original manhua Mythical Creatures are My Dinners by Jihuo Cultural Creativity, Tudoujun, and R. Jiajia, an eponymous donghua adaptation has been announced. The series is being produced by Delight Animation and below is the Mythical Creatures are My Dinners teaser PV1.

Xuwu Bianjing

Xuwu Bianjing (虚无边境) is an upcoming ONA produced by BiliBili and WinSing Animation. Below you’ll find the Xuwu Bianjing PV 1, followed by a synopsis.  

“Nihility is the world’s greatest catastrophe. Humans can only unite their allies against “blessers”, monsters from the world of nihility. Shazhou, the continental border, becomes an important line of defense against invaders. A dark force called “Shadow of Blessing” is looking for the power that has been sealed. Dark Island, the leading state of the human alliance, sends White Wolf Yujia to destroy the dark force. But a mysterious girl called Coral from the world of nihility causes a storm in Shazhou. The red thread of fate connects everyone holding the belief of uncovering the historical truth hidden in nihility. The girl is fighting against her fate beyond her belief, and a romantic legend officially begins.”

Don’t Give Up!

Don’t Give Up! (无聊就会死, Wuliao Jiu Wanjie) is based on the manhua titled Die of Boredom (无聊就会死, Wuliao Jiu Hui Si) by Chengzi. The comedy, romance, Sci-Fi donghua series is being produced by BiliBili and Shengying Animation.

Here’s the Wuliao Jiu Wanjie trailer PV1:

Everything is Fine with the Emperor

The Everything is Fine with the Emperor (寡人无疾, Guaren Wu Ji) donghua adaptation of the eponymous novel by Qi Daojun was originally announced during the 2022-2023 BiliBili annual conference, which, perhaps, means we’ll be seeing the series in 2023 (though nothing is certain when it comes to Chinese animation).

The romance series is being produced by Wonder Cat Animation.  A new trailer PV debutted on September 26, so take a peek:

Here’s the previous trailer:

Read the second part here: [MADE BY BILIBILI] 2023-2024 PVs (2)

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