Donghua news You Should Be Watching: Psychic Princess (Tongling Fei) 通灵妃

Psychic Princess (Tongling Fei) is a rom-com donghua series that enjoys high levels of popularity in China. With just one season that premiered in 2018, Tongling Fei Season 2 has been pending for four years.

Psychic Princess (通灵妃) is one of the three best-known rom-com donghua, the other two being The Demonic King Chases His Wife and Cinderella Chef.

Donghua news You Should Be Watching: Psychic Princess (Tongling Fei) 通灵妃 2
A Psychic Princess key visual. ©Haoliners Animation

As customary for Chinese animation, Psychic Princess Season 2 was announced in the closing credits of the last S1 episode (the series has 16 episodes, in total). As of December 2022, there are no updates.

The plot focuses on Qian Yunxi, a mysterious girl who was sent away from her home at the age of eight due to her “devilish abilities.” However, her father summons her back eight years later only to marry her off to prince Ye You Ming in her half-sister’s stead.

Need I say that Ye You Ming is a prince of an enemy fraction?

Even though the plot seems rather stereotypical, Psychic Princess is still a must-see. It takes ages for a romance to develop between the two, who indeed get off on the wrong foot, resentment being mutual.

As the story progresses, the viewer gets acquainted with various ghosts who keep providing comic relief without a fail.

Where Can I Watch Psychic Princess?

Tongling Fei Season 1 ends in a cliffhanger of sorts as we learn that Qian and Ye You Ming may have met before under rather different circumstances. Nevertheless, we’ll have to wait for Season 2 to learn more.

You can watch the subtitled Psychic Princess donghua series (note that there’s also a live-action web series) legally and for free on Crunchyroll and Anime Planet.

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