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The Soul of Soldier Master (兵主奇, Bing Zhu Qi Hun) is a fantasy, adventure donghua series that hasn’t gotten much attention internationally.

What can be inferred from bits and pieces of information scattered here and there, Bing Zhu Qi Hun was produced by studio HuaDream and ran for 12 episodes from Jan 4, 2022, to Mar 15, 2022. BiliBili has licensed The Soul of Soldier Master and made it available via its YouTube channel with English subs.

Where Can I Watch The Soul of Soldier Master?

As aforementioned, Bing Zhu Qi Hun is available via BiliBili.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the period when it was free to watch the series has expired, so it’s now available for members only. You can watch it here:

The Soul of Soldier Master Season 1

There’s no info on whether there will be a Season 2, so enjoy what’s out there.

The Soul of Soldier Master synopsys (courtesy of BiliBili) reads:

 “When Li Shi was born, a vision descended from the sky and became the host of the remnant soul of the soldier, and was hunted down by the sects of the world. Li Shi’s parents lured the enemy away for Li Shi’s safety, while Yuan Chenyang took Li Shi to escape and hide, and finally settled in Linhai City, hiding as a fisherman. In order to find his parents, Li Shi decides to enter the sect through the five-year selection of Linhai City, and Bai Xiang, the master of the formation of the Yaozu’s gate, simulates the magical powers of the soldier master on the basis of the formation of the ancestors, and develops a method that can absorb the evil formation of the spirits. Spirits want to turn the mountains and seas into the blood of the monsters, and Ying Gou helps them try the formation. A conspiracy is shrouded in the sky of Linhai City, ready to be unleashed.”
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